The Best Approach


At Gratton we believe that the best approach is to make sure that learners will be prepared for all the challenges that come their way.

The world is changing rapidly and for learners to thrive in an uncertain future, they should be capable of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity and adaptability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Problem solving
  • Articulateness
  • Conflict management

We have carefully designed a curriculum that allows for the attainment of these skills and incorporated our philosophy into the way we teach. Our learners are exposed to small group learning that promotes cooperation and collaboration. Small classes with a maximum 1 teacher to 30 learners allow for greater individual attention. We place great emphasis on learners being part of the learning process through the co-creation of knowledge in class. Our learners participate in classroom learning centres and enjoy activities such as writing workshops, linguistic construction and other forms of expression.

We believe that learners have many avenues of expression that need to be catered for in the learning environment. Our learners develop scientific enquiry skills through the extensive use of investigation and the reflective discussions that follow.

We strive to contextualize learning to the real lives of our children to enhance both understanding and interest.

At Gratton School we are very much aware of the power of the spoken word on the life and future of our children. We strive to use positive narration and encouragement in order to motivate learners to believe in themselves and strive to do better.

Using what we think is the best approach, we are equipping our learners with skills to express healthy disagreement through conflict management sessions. Every week, learners are provided with an opportunity to reflect on their successes, failures and how to move forward.

During our twice weekly assemblies, the school offers learners the opportunity to stand and present in front of an audience.  The school also provides learners with opportunities of expression through drama, art, music, public speaking and verse speaking.

Parental Involvement

It takes a community to raise a child and parents and guardians are essential members of our team. Parents are encouraged to engage with us and their children during every stage of the education process. Every term there are opportunities for parents to consult with teachers about the performance of their children. Parents are free to set up appointments with teachers for discussions on any aspect of their children’s performance. Parents are also invited to various functions at school including open days, assemblies, sporting actives, concerts, prize giving and advice days.

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