Staff and Learner Support


Every school needs a dedicated and competent leader, in addition to staff and learner support, and Gratton is proud of its headmaster, Mr Benson, whose qualifications include:

  • Final year – MEd Diss (Wits)
  • Research Title : The missing link. How ICTs Enhance Retention of Mathematical Concepts.
  • Supervisor – Dr R Dlamini
  • Third year – Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (University of South Africa)
  • BEd Hon (Wits 2015)
  • BSc Hon (EMM) (University of South Africa 2014)
  • BEd Environmental Science Education. (Solusi University, Zimbabwe 2006)
  • BTech Education Management (Technikon Pretoria 2001)
  • Dip Ed (English) (University of Zimbabwe 1990)

Other Certifications

  • Certified Level 2 Rugby coach (Zimbabwe Rugby Union)
  • Certificate Blooms Taxonomy (MacMillan)
  • Certificate Maths Connect Teacher Program (Distinction) (Wits)


  • Gardening
  • Reading
  • Anything to do with nature


  • Innovative approaches
  • Regio Emilio approach
  • Project based learning
  • Curriculum development
  • Collaborative approaches to teaching
  • Sports management
  • English teaching
  • Mathematics teaching
  • Research
  • Life science teaching
  • Physical science teaching
  • Geography teaching
  • Technology and EMS education
  • Educational gymnastics coaching
  • Change management
  • Teacher professional development
  • Primary and High school teaching (28 years)
  • Directing drama

Staff supportĀ 

Our staff is composed of experienced and well qualified individuals from a diversity of backgrounds and experience who are expected to participate fully in all the educational, sporting and extra mural activities of the school. All our staff attend a minimum of 40 professional development sessions per year to enable them to implement our progressive teaching approach.

With our diverse learner population our staff strive to give each learner the individual attention required to assist them to achieve their best.

Learner support

Each of our staff members is allocated a group of learners that they mentor throughout the year. These mentors act like parents away from home. In this way, learners have an adult who shows interest in everything they do and in whom they can confide. Extra lessons and remedial teaching periods are provided, on demand, after school and during weekends for all learners requiring additional support.

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