Gratton offers a complete learning solution from Grade 000 (creche) through to matriculation. Our creche stimulates and prepares the children for entry to primary phase while they are introduced to Gratton values. Our primary phase is structured to prepare learners comprehensively for their senior phase classes and, ultimately the ability to pass matriculation at university entrance level.

Blended Learning

We are aware that the use of technology enhances the joy of learning and appeals to the different learning styles of learners. At Gratton School we constantly seek out new technology and, currently, we use Reading Eggs, Mathletics, Readers are Leaders, Khan Academy and 2Enable to enhance literacy and numeracy skills in a stimulating environment.

Holistic Education

Our curriculum and co-curricular activities are all designed to ensure that every learner’s interest is catered for. We believe that learners have different potentials and our responsibility is to create a hconducive environment that allows learners to experience joy and success in their different areas of interest.


We use the CAPS curriculum and write the NSC examinations. We are also an IEB centre. We have simply devised approaches of teaching the CAPS curriculum to benefit our learners and prepare them to think critically. The school has also adapted the curriculum so that it relates to real-life situations and problems that learners may face on a day to day basis.

Class Sizes

We keep our classes small at no more than 1 teacher to 30 learners. This has allowed us to have a better teacher learner ratio and allows our teachers to support learners who struggle in different areas. We are of the firm belief that any learner who is adequately supported can achieve and experience success.

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